All Sassy Monkey Soap starts the same way: oils, waxes, water, and lye. Each oil has its' own specific characteristic (Olive oil is nourishing, Shea Butter is moisturizing, Castor Oil gives great lather, etc.) These ingredients are blended together the way a chef brings different ingredients together, except instead of a great tasting meal, you end up with great soap. To top off the meal, the chef uses a garnish for a beautiful presentation and for soap, Seth tops it off with an all-natural scent.

Seth figures out the recipe, mixing and matching ingredients to make that special soap.

picture of seth thinking about his next soap

Seth measures out the ingredients.


picture of measured ingredients

Seth melts the waxes and oils in order of highest to lowest melting point.

picture of melted oils

Once all of the waxes and oils are melted, Seth adds the lye water (or even coffee, tea, or milk) mixture to the oils to create the soap mixture. Seth adds ground herbs, fruit, or other natural ingredients to the soap mixture, as well as the mix of scents that make the soap uplifting, relaxing, or whatever the desired effect.

picture of soap being mixed in pot

The soap mixture is poured into a mold to finish the saponification* process that converts all of the oil and lye into soap.

*saponification is the process by which oils are converted into soap

picture of soap in mold
After curing for at least a day, the soap is cut and placed on racks to dry out. This drying process ensures a long-lasting bar. If you used the soap after a week, it would work well. However, it would dissolve very quickly. picture of soap on rack